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Using Aloe Vera for Fungus

Skin fungus is very common skin problem and is attributed to a combination of factors like humidity, sweating, warmth and lack of air circulation. Some of the common forms of fungal infection are Jock Itch, Athlete’s foot and Ringworm. There is another form of fungal infection known as the Candidiasis (caused by the candid fungus), which results in an itchy and brownish skin discoloration. The change in the skin color is attributed to a fungus called Tinea Versicolor.

Fungal infection can be an irritating and embarrassing problem but it can be prevented by following a few simple preventive steps. A good hygienic skin regime can prevent the occurrence of fungal infection. Keep your skin clean and moisture free while allowing enough air flow – this would be enough to keep fungal infections at bay. Hygiene is a very important factor as fungal infections are highly contagious. The dry and red itchy patches on the skin can be very painful, so it is imperative that you follow a strict hygiene regime. Read more »

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Aloe Vera for Eczema Treatment

Eczema is a universal name for inflammatory skin diseases. The most common form of eczema is called atopy. Such kind of eczema is considered as atopic eczema. This is a noncontagious, constantly arising inflammation of the skin. Eczema can be a result of irritation of the skin to perfumes, cosmetics, soaps, various chemical products, jewellery and other objects or items with nickel content.

The symptoms of eczema are redness, itching or burning, blisters, dry and flaky skin, mostly on the neck of the elbows, knees, arms, legs and head skin. Do not delay with the treatment of this disease, you should immediately take measures. Moreover there are a number of natural healing products that can help stop the itching before healing.

1. Aloe vera for eczema

It is proved that aloe has the whole spectrum of curative properties. Although the appearance of this plant resembles a cactus, in reality this plant is a member of the family of lilies. Aloe gel can be applied to the damaged area, and the juice is suitable for oral consumption. Read more »

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The Best Aloe Vera Drink/Juice According to Blog WeblogAV.com

In my blog I have already sang a lot of praises of all the benefits of aloe for our body and described how to use it for various diseases and weight loss. Thanks for leaving your comments. Now when you know how to use it, the question is how to choose the best aloe drink. Read more »


Is Aloe Vera Sunburn Treatment Effective?

Sunburns are Common

New research has shown that though most of human beings do the best to protect their body from the sun influence, adults got a sunburn at least once during the past year. Most of these burns are light (the first degree) i.e. the skin simply gets red and hurts.

Redness of the skin begins in 2-6 hours after being in the sun. The aggravation occurs within 24 hours. The most serious consequence of burning is the increased risk of skin cancer, and the risk of developing melanoma (the most awful forms of cancer increases with each case of person’s sun burn throughout life). Read more »

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How to Help Our Pets? Is Aloe Vera Good for Dogs?

When one of us hurt or burn himself, we turn to aloe vera to get the first aid. But why can only people benefit from the use of this plant? Animals can experience the beneficial effect of this «Divine plants» too.

As practice shows, the use of Aloe Vera can be effective in certain diseases of animals. Interesting data were published in an English magazine «Veterinary Times» in September 1996. In one of the described cases aloe vera was used locally in the treatment of horses. Aloe showed good results in the treatment of diseases such as worms, swamp fever and infected wounds.

Using aloe show the same excellent results in the treatment of horses from radiation (lowering of blood) and dullness syndrome (lethargy). When aloe therapy 11 out of 14 horses taking aloe vera were able to return to active life. Read more »

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The Principles of Aloe Vera Psoriasis Diet

As they say people who suffer from psoriasis always face the following problems: weak immunity, broken metabolism, dysfunction of the endocrine system and improper operation of the system, which is responsible for the exchange and restoration of oxides.

The factors, which are called dietary, can partially control the process of psoriasis by intensifying it, that, on the contrary, blunting. You are sure to be aware of the fact that the things you eat affect the way you are ill. You can choose a diet for psoriasis yourself, as allergic reaction to one or the other products will play a very important role in your treatment.

For making up the diet you need to study the peculiarities of your body. All that you need to understand is what products you can eat. Also you should you various supplements and vitamins. The lighter the products you eat, the faster the metabolic processes will be. Read more »

Caribbean meal

Aloe Vera Juice Is a Part of Caribbean Diet

A balance diet is one of the most important components of beauty and health. Proper nutrition will help you not only to remain in a great shape, but you will also feel more energetic. To follow a balanced diet is not so difficult as it may seem at the beginning.

Aloe vera juice is a part of healthy diet

In fact, in beverages made from aloe vera there are so many nutrients that it is rather hard to list them. All these nutrients ensure numerous benefits of this liquid. One can say with confidence that aloe vera has a beneficial impact on the health and lifestyle. Moreover, this plant is known for its adaptability nature. It is able to fill the lack of a particular nutrient element.

The most frequently reported positive results about impacts of aloe vera are an effective assistance in curing disorders with digestive system, e.g. irritable bowel syndrome. Drinking aloe vera juice copes with other health problems like arthritis, asthma, rheumatism, and allergic reactions. Read more »

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Tips for the Best Acne Diet with Aloe Vera

There are no cosmetic products that are able to fully solve the problem of acne. People with this skin disease should remember that nutrition for coping with acne must be special.

Say “yes” to aloe vera

* Provides anti-inflammatory and antiallergic action

* Supports the immune system of the organism

* Increases the activity of digestive enzymes Read more »

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Vegetable and Fruit Diet with Aloe Vera Juice

Fruit and vegetables are very beneficial for our organism. There is no use talking about this fact, a lot of thick clever books are written about it. We want to remind you that the only source of beta-carotene and vitamin C is fruit, vegetables and such a famous plant as aloe vera.

On the one hand, the fiber contained in vegetables and fruit does not only fill the stomach, giving a feeling of repletion, but also helps the digestive system. On the other hand, a great number of useful elements contained in aloe vera help to avoid negative effects that all diets have.

After you spend a few days eating only fruit and vegetables and drinking aloe vera juice, you will realize that you not only get rid of extra pounds, but fatigue, and a bad mood. There is a great variety of fruit and vegetable rations, so choose any one, lose weight and be healthy! Read more »

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High Blood Pressure. Foods to Eat or not to Eat

Normal pressure becomes a luxury. More than 70 per cent of men at the age of 40 begin to experience problems with blood vessels, which can later turn into a stroke. Let’s discuss how to lower the pressure without using drugs.

Male smokers, as well as those, who are addicted to alcohol, will inevitably face problems with the pressure. It suddenly starts to skip. According to statistics, a fifth of the men experience starting hypertension at the age of 20. Read more »

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