How to Help Our Pets? Is Aloe Vera Good for Dogs?

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Aloe vera juice in glass and jug

When one of us hurt or burn himself, we turn to aloe vera to get the first aid. But why can only people benefit from the use of this plant? Animals can experience the beneficial effect of this «Divine plants» too.

As practice shows, the use of Aloe Vera can be effective in certain diseases of animals. Interesting data were published in an English magazine «Veterinary Times» in September 1996. In one of the described cases aloe vera was used locally in the treatment of horses. Aloe showed good results in the treatment of diseases such as worms, swamp fever and infected wounds.

Using aloe show the same excellent results in the treatment of horses from radiation (lowering of blood) and dullness syndrome (lethargy). When aloe therapy 11 out of 14 horses taking aloe vera were able to return to active life.

Is aloe vera good for dogs?

Dogs play a great role in our life. These pets live side by side with us and we should take care of them. They are cut off from the wild, therefore, they are more prone to disease, and should receive an adequate care.

Aloe has been used for the treatment of animals since antiquity. Strong antiseptic action of this drug was confirmed by a series of tests on animals in 1940, as well as its effectiveness in the fight against bacteria with full absence of contraindications.

Almost all drugs that are used by man are suitable for animals. So is aloe vera.

Aloe Vera has a beneficial effect on the two systems of animals’ organism – epithelial tissue and immune system. Disorders and diseases associated with these two systems can affect the following organs and systems.

Immune system
Digestive system
Respiratory system
Musculoskeletal system
Urogenital system

In these problems aloe vera:

- Nourishes the body and improves the immune system

- Exfoliates, helps to remove dead and damaged cells (eczema, psoriasis, abrasion, rubbed the place)

- Provides anti-itch effect, decreases itching, helps in allergic dermatitis

- Has an antimicrpobial – kills certain bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeasts

- Helps to fuel cells and their recovery, wounds and skin diseases cured by 1/3 faster than usual

What problems can’t aloe cure?

Aloe Vera can’t kill the parasites – fleas, ticks, lice. In the treatment of atopic dermatitis, the result of an infection (infection by parasites), you must first kill the parasites using veterinary drugs.

It can not cure cancer. However, after surgery drugs from aloe vera can speed the healing process. Being added to eat aloe will help with rehabilitation in postoperative period.

Aloe Vera has no side effects.

How to use aloe vera for pets?

Aloe juice is used diluted to cleanse the skin. It does not irritate the eyes of an animal. This mixture is also most effective in thick hair.

Aloe is used as a spray for washing wounds and as a first aid skin diseases, eye wash (diluted) and ears.

This useful plant is used for protection from infection, relieve itching, swelling, pain.

Aloe vera gel is especially effective for wounds, burns, skin injury and skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis), accelerates healing after surgery. It perfectly heals minor cuts, bites and scratches. Aloe vera gel is a dense jelly with anti-bacterial properties.

It soothes the wounded tissue in sensitive areas. It can also be used in the treatment of ringworm, applying two times a day until the skin heals. It is ideal for use in abscesses caused by biting cats, where the preparation will help in fighting against bacterial infections.

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