Recipes for Aloe Vera Smoothies

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aloe vera smoothies

What do you know about such an incredible plant as aloe vera? The history of it is very long. It had grown only on the African continent before it moved to Asia, Europe and, of course, our houses. They were the ancient people who first discovered the useful properties of this plant and started to use them for medical properties.

They noticed that the liquid of this succulent is very good at curing wounds and burns. Gradually they started to use this liquid externally for the treatment of different diseases. Modern scientists proved that the content of aloe is very rich in vital elements. The thick extract of this plant consists of 96% of water and 4% of useful nutrients.

They include anthraglycosides, resinous substances ( up to 20 %), aloin, mineral substances (potassium, phosphorus, chlorine, zinc, calcium), essential oils, organic connections (glucose, cholesterol, protein, salicylic acid, triglycerides). The protein is high in 18 amino acids and vitamins A, C, В2, В3, В6, В12, Е.

Benefits of this plant

Benefits for skin

This beverage improves the quality of skin and its complexion that’s why you can often meet in various beauty products. As it has been already mentioned it is recommended for curing cuts and burns as well as for relieving sunburns.

Digestive Health

This natural liquid is a real helping hand for our digestion. The health of the digestive system influences the process of absorption of the nutrients got from the food in the blood. This succulent promotes better absorption of these substancesin the intestine.

Anti-inflammatory Benefits

This plant has several substances having an analgesic and anti-inflammatory impact on the body. That’s why using this plant improves the condition of those suffering from the pains.

This succulent can propose people lot of way of it use and it’s a real pity when you it only for solving skin problems like wounds and burns. The most valuable part of it is thick liquid inside the leaves. You can extract it yourselves or buy it in the shops.

If it’s in its pure form you may not like its taste much since it may seem bitter. But it’s not a reason for giving up this attempt. There are lots of recipes for aloe vera smoothies which include other useful fruit and vegetables which not only improve its taste but double its positive impact on our body.

Aloe Vera Smoothie Recipes

Recipe № 1

2 oranges
aloe vera juice – ½ cup

Juice two oranges and mix with aloe.

Recipe № 2

1 Cucumber
1 Lemon
1 Apple
Aloe vera juice – ½ cup


1. Juice the fruit and vegetable
2. Add aloe to the mixture, and blend

Recipe № 3

kale – 4 leaves
chard – 4 leaves
fresh parsley – ½ bunch
aloe vera juice – ½ cup
dandelion greens – ½ bunch
1 banana
3 pears
3 cups water

Recipe № 4

aloe vera – ½ cup
Lemon (juice)
Pinch of salt


1. Blend lemon, aloe vera juice , water, ginger, sugar and salt.
2. Filter the liquid from the remnants. Now it’ ready to serve.

Recipe № 5

Chopped tomatoes – 2 cups
tomato juice – 1/2 cup
apple juice – 1/4 cup
chopped carrots – ½ cup
celery, chopped – 1/4 cup
hot sauce to taste
aloe vera juice – ½ cup

As you can see all these recipes are very simple but very beneficial for youe health. They will be a good start for your acquaintence with this wonderfil plant as aloe.

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3 Responses to “Recipes for Aloe Vera Smoothies”

  1. Tracy_al says:

    The second recipe(cucumber, lemon, apple, aloe vera) – won’t it be too sour? I mean even natural apple juice is quite sour, plus 1 lemon) But I guess that if you add some sugar in it, it will taste really good.

  2. MysteriousGirl says:

    It depends on what is sour for you, I can eat a lemon without screwing my face up, and won’t add any sugar =) And freshly squeezed juice is sweet to me too, so it all depends on a person. But you can always add so sugar so I think it’s not a problem.

  3. Slimshady says:

    I often drink smoothies in the mornings, as I prefer light breakfasts but at the same time it shouldn’t be just a cup of coffee. Here’s the one that I like to make with aloe vera – 2 kiwis, 1 leaf of aloe vera, green grapes, 4 leaves of lettuce and 2 cups of water. It’s refreshing and yummy)

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