Vegetable and Fruit Diet with Aloe Vera Juice

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Fruit and vegetables are very beneficial for our organism. There is no use talking about this fact, a lot of thick clever books are written about it. We want to remind you that the only source of beta-carotene and vitamin C is fruit, vegetables and such a famous plant as aloe vera.

On the one hand, the fiber contained in vegetables and fruit does not only fill the stomach, giving a feeling of repletion, but also helps the digestive system. On the other hand, a great number of useful elements contained in aloe vera help to avoid negative effects that all diets have.

After you spend a few days eating only fruit and vegetables and drinking aloe vera juice, you will realize that you not only get rid of extra pounds, but fatigue, and a bad mood. There is a great variety of fruit and vegetable rations, so choose any one, lose weight and be healthy!

Seven-day vegetable and fruit diet with aloe vera juice

It is not very difficult to follow this ration. You should know that it is very important to combine fruit and vegetable with drinking aloe vera juice. This beverage will provide the body with other trace substances for its normal functioning. In order for the body does not feel the deficit of useful substances, we recommend you this liquid. During the week of this diet you can lose three-four pounds of excess weight.

This diet requires the alternation of berries, fruit and vegetable during the week. The first two days are vegetable, then alternate berry, fruit, vegetable every other day. And during the day you can eat up to one and a half kilograms of products. Although not all vegetables and fruits are allowed in this diet. Green peas, potatoes, carrots, bananas, mango, kiwi fruit and grapes are not allowed.

Vegetables can be eaten raw or scalded with boiling water, or stewed without using oil. If you want to something warm, you can make steamed vegetables to save not only the taste, but also all the useful substances and vitamins contained in them.

Balanced fruit and vegetable diet with aloe vera

The first day
Cabbage soup, fruit, a glass of aloe vera juice, tea or coffee. It is advisable not to drink or eat something sweet, but if you really want, you can afford four-five dried fruits – apricots or prunes.

The second day
Cabbage soup, one potato of medium size, baked in the oven. Any vegetables fresh or stewed. Tea, coffee? Aloe vera juice.

The third day
Cabbage soup, vegetables and fruits in any quantities, a glass of skim milk (or low-calorie yogurt), green tea, aloe vera juice.

The fourth day
Cabbage soup, bananas (three-six units), eight glasses of skim milk (can be one low-fat yogurt and seven glasses of milk).

The fifth day
Cabbage soup, tomatoes (not more than six). Fish or chicken meat in any quantity. A glass of skim milk, tea, coffee, aloe vera juice.

The sixth day
Fully repeats the menu of the fifth day.

The seventh day
Cabbage soup, vegetables and fruits in unlimited quantities, low-calorie sauce, two hundred grams of fat-free milk (yoghurt), tea, coffee or aloe vera juice.

As we can see, the fruit and vegetable ration for weight loss is not only pleasant, but quite well-balanced. You will not have to be hungry all the time, and, moreover, you eat correctly. In addition, it doesn’t require the exact number of fruit, tea and meat grams, because each person is different, some people need a little more, and someone – less. You will feel, how many of those or other ingredients you should eat every day while following this diet.

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2 Responses to “Vegetable and Fruit Diet with Aloe Vera Juice”

  1. Geoovanna says:

    Aloe vera has laxative effect, as well as most of vegetables and fruits. So if you don’t want to spend these 7 days in a bathroom, I would recommend to include something else in this diet apart from fruits and vegetables.

  2. Notegan says:

    It must be very difficult to follow this ration even for only 7 days. fruits and vegetables are healthy and all that but you should also eat dairy products, eat and so on

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